Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Drop in the Bucket

When I was younger, I thought it'd be so cool to live forever. You know, be the oldest person alive and be on TV for knowing the secret to aging well. But that all changed when I was 20 years old, and my best friend at the time passed away unexpectedly. It was the worst time of my life. I will always remember the days we went without knowing where he was, the lines of people at visitation, his cold body in the casket with his sister holding onto him. A few months after his funeral I went to visit his family for his sister's wedding, and I couldn't get over it. It still sent me into a state of shock as I would wish and hope and pray it wasn't true.

The valley that took me to I hope I never reach again. I had no vision for life anymore. I felt as if I had no friends. I could barely function..and that was on a good day.

That's when I decided that no, I really don't want to live forever. Because forever is a long, long time. And that'd be a lot of friends and a lot of family I'd have to say goodbye too. So at 20 years old with my best friend gone, I learned to appreciate every single day and to find something wonderful out of each day. Therefore, I came up with a bucket list of things I wanted to do before I died. Of course I continue to add to them, but it was such a fun way to start thinking about day-t0-day life.

  • I have always wanted to live abroad.
So dreams do come true! I'm not too far away from my opportunity to do something like this. My hope is that I learn as much as I can when I get the chance to live overseas. I love culture--anyone's culture. When I get to live abroad, I hope I find myself in the middle of a culture so unique from my own so I can learn and grow and be challenged.
  • I've dreamed about a cabin in the mountains since my first trip to the Rockies when I was in middle school.
I love Colorado, Wyoming, Montana. I love Yellowstone and the Arkansas River. I love seeing moose, bear, and elk. I'm sitting here in Arkansas on the perfect 65 degree day, but honestly I wish I was in the mountains watching the snow fall getting ready to go out and ski. And I love hot chocolate--so I'd definitely need some of that when I got back to the cabin.
  • I want to learn how to sail.
I don't know why this is on my bucket list. It sort of reminds me of families like the Kennedy's and Rockefeller's. I wouldn't mind having their money, philanthropic abilities, or political stamina. I don't know. Sailing just seems like an enjoyable, relaxing time. I do get very seasick, though. I'm not really sure how that's going to fare.
  • Of course I want to finish my master's.
Six hours down and 30 more to go! I enjoyed my first semester, because it pushed me so hard. I learned more in this one semester than I feel like I did in all of undergrad. Now, I know that's not completely true. But I feel so confident in my ability to talk about the political processes of budgeting in the public sector. That was just one class! I'm ready for my other 10, especially Human Resources. Yes, I am a nerd. You can thank Ron Kuykendall for that.
  • I want to be in local and state politics, hopefully a state senator or representative one day.
Hence, I am getting a master's in Public Administration. I love being a teacher--there's not another job in the world like it. I hope I can use my time I am spending in the classroom to make education even better at the legislative level one day. Don't get me started on my platform, because I could dedicate an entire blog about the significance of education. I just hope to one day have an impact on the state level and not just the classroom level.
  • I want to travel to Israel and walk the same places Jesus walked.
Can you even imagine? I can't. When I start thinking about it, I honestly could cry. It's overwhelming to me to think that my Savior walked the same places I can walk. He was crucified, buried, and resurrected..and I can go look! What a precious, precious thing we have in Christianity to worship a living Savior.
  • I want to see a concentration camp from the Holocaust.
That may sound gruesome to you, but it's one thing I've wanted to do since 8th grade. I had this awesome 8th grade Social Studies teacher (yes, that is what I you know why) that introduced me to the Holocaust. I was mesmerized, and since then I have begged to learn more. In undergrad I even took an entire semester literature class on the Holocaust. It was one of my favorites ever! I'll be in Amsterdam soon and will visit the hiding place of Anne Frank. And that's pretty stinkin' close...but I just want to have an entire vacation dedicated to the Holocaust.
  • And most recently, I want to hike the Grand Canyon.
I've never really hiked much, even though the Ozark Highlands Trail is in my parents' backyard. When Cash mentioned to me that he'd like to hike the Grand Canyon, it sounded fun..but it also sounded like a lot of work. During turkey season, I was walking through the woods and just started thinking about the beauty of the mountains. When I got to work the next week, I asked my assistant principal about his trips of hiking the Grand Canyon. He convinced me there was nothing like it. Since that conversation--plus, knowing how much Cash wants to--I can't wait to get to where I can hike to that extent. What a fun trip!

I'm sure I'll eventually add more to my bucket list. I think that's what they're for! But I want to know you would like to before you die! Link your blog below!

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