Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Prayed for Rain

It's so dry out here in west Texas. Whoaaaa...I'm still in west Texas, and it's TUESDAY!

No, I didn't quit my job. I didn't take an extended vacation, on purpose. Nor did I just get here.

Cash sent me a link a week or so ago that the mayor of Midland had posted for a day of prayer for rain for the city. I teased and said I wasn't praying for rain, because I was tired of the rain in Arkansas. However, Midland needs rain...and Arkansas has ALL of it. Needless to say, I prayed for rain. It just ended up at home instead of in Texas.

I was set to fly out Sunday evening. After sitting on the runway (and Midland has the smallest aircrafts that would ever fly commercially) for nearly 3 hours, the pilot came on and said our flight was cancelled. They had to rebook me for the next day.

Although I sat and looked at a clear sky, drought-driven lands, and of course tumbleweed I was just kind of amazed that weather was so bad in Dallas that ALL flights were cancelled in and out of DFW. It truly is mesmorizing to watch the weather and its patterns. I won't lie. The first night I laughed hysterically as I climbed back into Cash's truck.

You see, I don't ever want to leave him. I love Arkansas, my job, my family. But I really, really, really love Cash. And he always has to leave me at the airport crying my bloody eyes out. That night I was waiting to board, and I texted him, "I'm walking right out of this airport. Come pick me up." Of course in that moment I was merely teasing. I long for the days I don't have to leave him at the terminal, but right now I have obligations and commitments in Arkansas.

So when I called him and told him my flight was really cancelled, I'm not sure he believed me. I laughed the entire trip home as he just shook his head. I actually started believing he didn't want me back there! But he sucked it up and let me ride in the cart with him yesterday as he and his dad played golf. I had so much fun with them, even though I had to do homework most of the 18 holes.

When golf was over, Cash brought me home and let me get showered and ready for my flight. In the meantime he looked up my flights, and yet again...they were CANCELLED! It wasn't near as funny this time. At all.

I can make the best of this situation, because I'm with Cash. But that's my fear. I feel like everyone knows I'm in Midland, so they don't think I'm trying to get home. Knowing my flights were cancelled, we went to the airport anyway. Cash said he was kicking me out no matter what..LOL. American was nice enough to give me a refund even though I technically shouldn't have gotten one. At first they said it was going to be nearly $500, which would have paid for my new ticket on Continental. But after they realized I wasn't Clint Kuykendall, I was Avery. And unfortunately I'm not flying to XNA, I'm flying to Tulsa. Well, then they decided that I'd get $100.

Cash went and talked to the lady from Continental for me. She said it would cost $300 for a ticket to Tulsa, layover in Houston. But all their flights out of Houston that day had been cancelled so far; they just hadn't cancelled these yet. After talking about it, Cash and I both agreed it was safer (and $200 cheaper) for me to not risk getting stuck in Houston and not knowing when I could get home.

We even looked at rental cars, but they were just as expensive. Only one car company had a vehicle available, and I wasn't sure I wanted to drive an economy car through the storms and tornados, get home at 4 in the AM, and be at work with 2-3 hours of sleep. I'm all about being at work, and I hate hate hate to miss. But I also would hate to have a wreck or drive 12-13 hours by myself in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. Being a 24 year old single girl, we felt this wasn't safe or logical.

He contemplated taking me to the Greyhound station, and I about fell over. Uhh..guys.

I finished my homework and submitted it to Dr. Kim. He let me know it was okay to miss tonight's class (I'm so sad about it..because I haven't missed one class all semester!) even though I have a presentation. Also, he let me know that it was a good possibility that tonight's class might be cancelled since yesterday's classes were cancelled after 3:30.

So I'm doing laundry (I ran out of clothes 2 days ago) and waiting for Cash to come get me to take me back to the airport. Bless his heart. He's driven there 4 times this week alone. Prayers for getting home...safely. And prayers that Arkansas's rain can find its way to the Permian Basin.

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