Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's Gonna Be A Great, Great Day!

This day just keeps getting better, and it's not even 9:00.

1. It's blue jean day if you pay $5.00. I wore black slacks making myself feel like I saved $5.00. :)
2. It's Friday, and that's just an obvious reason to smile.
3. I was hungry when I got to school. When I went to fill up my water bottle, I noticed someone had brought in brownies to the teacher's lounge with a note that said, "Happy Spring Break!"
4. I remembered last night that I had some flavor packets for my water bottles. Pink lemonade on an almost Spring morning...I think yes.
5. Last day of the 9 weeks means all this missing work will get wiped away on Monday with a new slate for all my students I KNOW will turn in all their work 4th 9 weeks!
6. We got a bonus today. I kind of want to scream happy things right now. Deposit that into my summer fund.
7. We are doing the geography and history related to the NCAA tournament. I have a serious excuse to watch March Madness in my classroom. And I'm not even a coach!
8. I have a much needed nail appointment after school.
9. I'm sitting here at my computer with my shrine of Cash and me on the wall next to me. Who knew that God would ever bring me such a wonderful, handsome man?
10. Last..but not least...more like first...I get to pack tonight to leave for Texas in the morning. A whole week and a day with my favorite person in the world--it couldn't make a girl one bit happier. My man makes every single day a whole lot better. It's hard to believe it's been 2 months. Wow, we've come far in that time!

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