Monday, March 14, 2011

My Ever After...

I have thought for 24 years that building my resume and career would bring me the most joy. Even though I dated different guys through high school and college, they never really completed my happiness. I always strived for more by myself, despite anyone else in my life. It never occurred to me to work with someone. I had never met someone that taught me that.

I've known for almost 2 months that I had the most amazing man in the world, and I got to spend another wonderful weekend with him the last few days. Now everyone else knows how wonderful my Cash is!

Thursday night I drove to Tulsa to pick him up, and it seemed like forever before his plane got there. Finally it did, and no words can describe how it feels to see the man of your dreams walk through the security gates to spend the weekend with you.

Friday morning my mom had breakfast cooked for us, so we went to Ozark to meet up with her and my grandpa. Then Davey Joe said for us to go up to Contran, so we went up on the mountain to look around. I love that place!

Here is a picture of us by the water clock. It dumps into this creek, which Cash explained to me was green because of the algae. Oh, my smart little geologist! I caught him several times bending over looking at the rocks like Supernerd would do. (Seriously, Cash, don't deny that. You know you did it! But it was so cute, so it's okay!)

We picked Dad up at the Bank and headed to Rivertowne for my favorite kind of bbq. Then Dad gave us the grand tour of the new operations building, and we visited with the ladies I used to work with.

Once we got back to Mom and Dad's, Rocky Joe called to let us know Cody was about to ride Mom's horse. So we drove down there and got to meet them. Haha--just thinking about Rocky Joe and his stories make me laugh.

That night we met my best friend Lindsey and her husband for dinner at Wiederkehr's. I got to show Cash the Weingarten, and we both agreed it's the perfect place for people know, go and hang out, maybe have dinner and dance, after things like, uhmm, a wedding or something.

Our German potatoes were delicious! And again we saw about 319 people I knew from growing up there.I do have the best looking boyfriend of all time, don't I? Awww.

Saturday morning we met back up with Linds and Jared for a trip to Hot Springs. The races were packed that day as it was a beautiful day in the Ouachita Mountains. Although my coveted betting techniques were not displayed that day, Cash did an awesome job. Beginner's luck! ;)
Cash is now adamant that he needs a race horse. I never thought I'd want a thoroughbred nor did I think I'd race around a track verses barrels. However, if Cash wants, I want it. The races have become much more exciting for me than rodeos anymore, so I'm okay with it. In fact I think it'd be pretty cool to be around horses again!

When I get home and have my other pictures in front of me, I'll add some of the races. Mostly it displays how lucky I am to have such an incredibly intelligent and attractive man to live life with, but maybe I'll find one or two that get my mind off of it!
Sunday we went to Sunday school and service at my church in Alma. Of course we went to lunch with Phil and Dee Ann afterwards, and it was so nice to sit and relax with them before we headed back to Tulsa. In fact when I got back to Alma that night and went to Malia's birthday dinner, I got so many compliments about how wonderful Cash is. I mean, I know that, but it is also so appreciated for my Alma family to not just approve of him. They adored him.

Driving back to Tulsa I was fine, because I knew it'd be less than a week before I saw him again. But for some reason when we reached the security gates, I melted into a pile of tears. They just kept streaming as he hugged me and told me he'd see me in less than a week. It kills me leaving him.
I've missed people before. I miss my niece and nephew all the time! But I've never felt so lost without someone. When Cash has to leave, I feel like half of me is going back to Texas, that I'm being completely torn apart. He's so wonderful to me, and I hope I'm as wonderful back to him because he deserves it.

I adore him!!

I've never been really good to someone before. I tried; but I failed. I want to be good to Cash, and most of the time I don't think about it. He's such a wonderful person, and I feel the most peace and security when I'm with him. In fact when I had to walk away from him yesterday, it felt like my heart was being ripped out and put on a flight back to Texas.
I could go on and on about how handsome he is, but that's not what I love about him. He has the best heart and is so genuine and so intelligent and so kind...he does everything for me without even asking. I got sick Saturday night as we were talking and ran to the bathroom. He came in there and just held my hair as I hung my head over the toilet. Not attractive. At all. haha. But he does it, because he takes care of me.

So even though he doesn't love the Razorbacks or live in Arkansas or even really care about Hogs, he's still the single most amazing person I know. I'm so lucky to spend my weekends with him and weeks missing him.

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