Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home is....

Since Kelly so graciously introduced me to the man of my dreams through her SUYL Friday's, I thought it was time I actually link my blog to hers. I love my family I grew up in; so this seemed to be the perfect one to write.

It was hard to find pictures that I didn't have to scan from pre-USB days. Every single picture has a grandkid or two in it. That's okay. I love those kids, but I never realized how much our lives have changed. Regardless, I found some (not 1 of just the 4 of us) of my parents and sister. Bless their hearts.

My dad: the brain. the banker. the Sunday school teacher.

I loved this picture from last winter when I look like I'm completely dominating him in a snowball fight!
My mom: the beauty. the farmer. the best sweet tea and salsa maker.

We took this picture last fall at a wedding in Little Rock. She just makes my heart feel better by seeing her picture.

My sister: the protector. the tormentor. the school teacher. (That last nominative could be expanded upon, but I think I'll just stop there.)

This picture of us from Christmas 2010 cracks me up!! She always beat me up as a kid, and I finally had the nerve to get her back...with broccoli casserole on the nose!

And one final picture of the ~girls! Mom had to be in the middle, because this was right after our fight...but notice we still love each other! :)

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