Friday, January 21, 2011

Life Before Grad School

Once upon a time, I had a life. That was before I started grad school this semester! Yesterday was a snow day, so I was off work all day. Therefore, my entire day was consumed (we'll use that word loosely) with articles for my seminar class. Since Dad was still out of town, I went to my parents' house to keep my mom company. Somewhere between the puzzle I helped her finish and the Woodrow Wilson article I read for class, I remembered that this past summer and fall...I had had a life!

Let's start with the archery picture. To me the fun of getting ready for bow season is actually a lot more fun than the actual season. I enjoy shooting in the backyard with my family, but sitting on a cold deerstand with icicles hanging on my eyelashes doesn't really appease me. I do love cooking with the deer meat my mom gives me though. Haha. Oh..I wish it was Spring, and I could sit in the warm woods with a box call in my hands.

Next, the Arkansas-Alabama game with my uncles and cousins. This picture is with 2 of my uncles, and we love the Hogs! Although we made the drive up the hill to Fayetteville, we opted for the atmosphere of Buffalo Wild Wings. One bonus to grad school? Cheap football tickets!

And last but not least--Amy's birthday party! We went to celebrate and ended up at the Blue House for the first (but definitely not the last) time of my life. I love Amy. I love the Blue House. I love life...even if I get carried away with busyness. Although the summer memories are gone, more are sure to come...even if the memories are in grad school.

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