Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost

This quote is on the front of our agendas at school this year, which has made me think of the meaning of it even more than usual. But this quote strikes me so much today because I've spent the last week looking around. I've wondered why people make the choices they make. And to me, it's a pretty simple answer. People take the road most traveled by..the easiest way out. The answer is that obvious.

What originally made me take note of people's actions is the vain human desire of relationship. Vain? You ask. Yes, vain, when it becomes the sole purpose of our existance. It is vain when the value of the relationship is not measured by depth but by the lack of. It is vain when it runs on mere feeling.

I was talking to a young man last week about my choice of not wanting to date him, which was a really awkward conversation for me since I haven't dated in almost a year. But I called him in pure obedience to the Lord, knowing a relationship with him was not what God had in store for me. I told this young man the truth...that he was a neat guy, and I had a lot in common with him. In fact I wanted to date him..because I liked him. However, I had to tell him that God has called me to a different lifestyle. I didn't feel like it was the most optimum time for me to date anyone. And in fact, as much as we had in common, God had called me to something bigger than merely living. Of course he didn't understand that, because God has not yet revealed that to him. Or maybe he has never listened to God.

I'm not here to dog on this guy. Not at all. But his response to me has had my mind in continual thought for the rest of the week. He says to me, "You're just a genuinely great person. I'm not even close to being the person you are. I'd have to work a lot to be the person you deserve." Needless to say, he spent the rest of the week with his ex-girlfriend. No other words were ever exchanged between us after that, and I don't anticipate a conversation ever stirring there again. But I felt for him. I really did.

That's when it hit me that people want to take the easy way, even in relationships. No, especially in relationships. I assume this guy and the ex are glad to be back together, and I truly hope the best for them. But I also suppose she doesn't deserve the person he could be? He knows he has a lot of work to do. He knows if he was with me, I'd challenge him continuously to serve and love our Savior. But I guess she doesn't deserve that? That killed me for this girl...because in fact, she deserves that too.

This is something I can't wrap my mind around. I just can't even fathom how someone could know they could be a better person, but they just ignore that fact. They would rather have a relationship that makes them happy now than one that makes them become a deeper, more purpose-driven individual...which ultimately makes life more peaceful, meaningful, and joyful.

I talked to my mom about this idea this afternoon. She says they just don't know. And until they know, they won't realize what they are missing. But I can't fully agree with that. I think people do know there's more to life and love. I think people choose to ignore that so they can have immediate affection and answers. But that's not what I choose. I hope I take the road less traveled by. And up to this point, it truly has made all the difference.

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