Monday, July 5, 2010

Why do awkward things always happen to me?!

If you read my blog, and you don't know probably think I'm a bore. I don't give a good perception of my life on here. A lot of that is due to the fact I'm not really sure how to do this blog thing just yet. And the other part of that is because sometimes I myself even get a little embarrassed by the stupid, yes--I just said stupid and meant it, things that happen in my life. Bad thing? I usually provoke it. So I figured I could spend just one post telling you how awkward my life is. Okay, for the first example: a lady I go to church with is just so precious. She doesn't live in our town, so she's just getting to know some of the people in our church. We text sometimes, but I had lost all my numbers a few weeks ago. Well, she sent me her number so I could text her again. Cool. The weekend before Crowning Creation, I sent her a text asking her if she was coming to the banqet. We had a conversation (remember this, a conversation) via texts asking if she was coming. Although her sister was going to be in town, I think she was really considering coming. So Monday I sent her a text asking if she was coming. She never really responded, but I looked for her anyway. She didn't come. A few days later I send her a message telling her I love her and that Mom and I are praying for her. This lady finally tells me I have the wrong number...I mean, really? She had had CONVERSATIONS with me!! Who does that?! hahaha. But this new lady and I shared sweet words to each other...and I hope she was a little encouraged anyway. ?! Second example: I admit. I think Manny Pina is hott. He's the catcher for the Naturals. Now, I LOVE BASEBALL. Baseball has to be my favorite sport of all time. But #9...he's smokin'!! ha. My friend and I decided to hit up another Naturals game the other day. We were told by this couple in front of us that some of the wives usually sit by our seats. Oh, whose wife? I wondered. MANNY'S WIFE!! Not awkward...I just thought he was cute. a Venezuelan, pretty skin kind of cute. His wife sits in front of me with another one of the wives. Now, I had been told they don't speak English. So what do I do? I speak Spanish of course. You must be thinking, "Wow, this chick is bilingual." I'm not. At all. Before I spoke to the Venezuelan girls, I told my friend Spanish was my minor in college. It was. For a year. My freshman year. I must have turned Pentecostal that day...because somehow I really did talk to the chica bonitas. A full-fledged conversation...3 different times! Blow my own mind. They invited to me to a fiesta with the players the next day. Just too bad I already had plans. And for the last that sticks out so bold in my mind that I just have to tell you about it. As the youth leader in my first church, we took our kids to Bogg Springs. I played and praised and all sorts of stuff with the kids. Now, my kids were pretty cool. But they had one issue: they always wanted to hook me up. Ugh! What I get for being single and in youth ministry, right? Just so happened at The Bogg that year, a band of young men led our worship. I admit, the guy was attractive..but I didn't want to go there. At all. My kids insisted I HAD to meet this guy. Well, we all got ready for service that night. Just so happened I brought this little black skirt and some black flip-flops to wear that night. Cute, right? Well, not so cute when I walked in and the guy was just staring me down. I smiled politely. He smiled back. Ughh...don't do this..I kept thinking. I kept walking and looked back. He was still looking at me smiling. So of course I'm not paying attention to where I'm going. And I really wasn't expecting a water puddle to be IN the sanctuary. About the time I turn around and notice the puddle is about the time I was laying in it. I didn't see the guy from the band the rest of the week. Probably because I was avoiding him..but maybe because he was avoiding me too!! haha. Better luck next time. I get to go down to Bogg Springs this week and see my old youth group. I'm ecstatic to see their beautiful faces. I'll watch out for water puddles this time...and I'll be sure to wear something...ANYTHING..besides a skirt! :)

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