Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, the irony...

An update from my last example on my last post. Tonight I went with my friend Grant to Bogg Springs to see our friend Jake and my old youth group I helped lead while back home in Ozark. It was amazing. But you won't believe this. It was raining (same incident started building right there...), and so I was extra-cautious. Naturally. One of the men from my old church spotted me, and he says, "Avery, it's raining. Don't fall!!! hahhaha." Hardy har har..he thinks he's funny. I walk into the tabernacle, and do you know who is playing the worship? THE SAME BAND!!! I wanted to die and go to Heaven right then. It was like a bad omen. Except you know what? I didn't fall this time. I had kids running up and hugging me...but I stood my ground. And I didn't fall! haha. It sure was nice to see their beautiful faces. One of my boys, Jarrett, spotted me first. He didn't say a word to the other boys...just walked off and came and grabbed me. Then the other boys saw who I they ran over and tackled me. I think that might have been when the tears started flowing. Then I was standing inside talking to some of my girls, and someone puts their arms around me and wouldn't let go. I finally knock him off of me to see who it is..and it's of my precious ones!!! Not the one Grant and I went to see..but one of the ones from the youth group. And sweet Ty saved me a seat and wouldn't let me out of his sight until I promised I would sit by him. I miss home. I'm extra close to those boys, because I taught their Sunday school class when I was in high school. After college I was their youth leader, and I had some of them in class last year. So we're tight, to say the least. It was great to be around my family and enjoy an evening of service with them!!!! Although I wanted to question God's reason for taking me away from them, I know without a doubt I'm where He has called me to be for this season of my life. Now I get to enjoy two church families...two great youth groups...two wonderful ministries. I hope we can join with them and do activities together in the near future! Okay. Sleep deprivation. Goodnight.

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