Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life is a Highway

I helped Zach and Leslie pack up their last tidbit of stuff tonight.

I teared up when I got in my 4Runner. I thought about the fun times we had over there...the catch phrase games and dinners cooked. I wish more nights could've been had..just so much going on that it was hard to do so.

Zach and Les are pretty much a power couple. Law school. Med school. Les and I were talking about it tonight. How crazy is it that they met in high school and are now moving to Little Rock to receive extraordinary educations? I'm pumped for them. I can't wait to go see them...which will be next week! And of course, we're hitting up some Hog football when the Pigs play in LR.

Looks my life will now be on a highway. I hate that drive...

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