Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1 Kings 19:11-12

Pic to the right--->a fun picture I took with the precious women of the Dilbeck household going up an escelator to the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando. Wow, what a fun fun fun night! We heard Casting Crowns and an out-of-this-world testimony. Seeing this picture gets me sooo pumped about my church family whom I just love to pieces!! Those sweet hearts at Southside Baptist Church make me excited about doing life with them. Today we started our Siesta Bible study on Ruth. If you get the chance, you need to take 6 weeks and study in depth in Kelly Minter's workbook. Words can't describe its value for both male and female. One thing I noted in Bible study this morning was the age range. I was the youngest (which just overwhelms me) at 24. In contrast we had a lady in our group who has been retired for 17 years. Talk about an array of ages! The six of us got to talking about life and the one word that would describe where we are right now in life. Words like patience, faith, transition were thrown out time and time again. I was taking notes, and it was revealed to me the irony in it all. It didn't matter our age. It didn't matter our marital status. It didn't matter our career paths. It didn't matter the number of children we had. We all were searching for an answer from God. While God calls us to do His will and live according to His word, sometimes that means we have to sit and listen. We can't just do, and go, and figure it out. We're called to listen to God...with both ears open and mouth shut. Trust me, that's hard for me! I'm the talker of the family...I'm the driven one with an agenda...I'm the jokester that can't allow anyone to be upset. So sit? Listen? Not my typical task. But God calls each of us to this point in every season of our lives. Remember, precious one, when we are sitting..we are listening. Do you know what that means?! That means God is about to give us something to hear! So relax...open your ears for His sweet words. You're in the prime position for one of God's holy words!!!

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