Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crowning Creation

If I write too much about the banquet, it will take away from the night itself. Words can't express how beautiful everything turned out! The women were gorgeous, and I believe they enjoyed looking and feeling this way for a night..and oh, to be pampered! The sweetest thing was Shirley Fairfield. She came in this fancy dress and had on a bracelet with all kinds of jewels on it. I said, "Oh, Shirley, you look gorgeous! And ahh...look at your bracelet! And clutch!! look so awesome!!" She says, "This is a bracelet my husband got me for a wedding anniversary. I never get the chance to wear it." I think seeing her face when she was talking about that made my whole night complete. Made all the hours of writing addresses worth it. Made the sleepless nights when I knew I was missing something worth it. Every ounce of energy poured into the night was worth it to see her darling face light up!! Our men...they rock my world...they did whatever I asked of them whenever I asked them to do it (esp Zach...who withstood my rants for 2 nights!). You've heard of Bridezillas...I might be a Banquetzilla. I tried not to be..and to just enjoy the process. But it's pretty stressful putting on a banquet. I can't lie about that. But with the help (ha..I say "help"..more like the devoted work and dedication) of several women setting up table decor, a speaker whom I have loved becoming friends with, a sweet student of mine belting out some lyrics like nobody's business, men of God serving diligently..there wasn't much left for me to do! What a fun, fun, fun night!! I hope we get to do more events like this in the future. However, first I must find something for my sweet men. Okay...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!!!

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