Thursday, April 15, 2010

I don't know what to do with my hands...

So this is definitely a new thing for me...blogging? I don't even text. But when I realized I would never be able to access my beloved Facebook at work any longer, I decided to find something I could do...during my planning period of course. Plus, I love reading Leslie's blog and really just wanted to leave comments on hers.

A full week of Benchmark is behind us. This means my students have learned almost everything they will ever learn in my class, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I took my testing group donuts and juice this morning, and to my surprise they all said thanks and seemed to sincerely appreciate it. I was just glad that I had a bribe to keep them quiet. But 8th graders will surprise you when you least expect it. Sometimes I get caught up in the humdrum of school, and they really shock me with their mature...rare...but mature comments at times. Definitely makes it easy to get up every morning.

My feet, however, aren't so thankful that I teach 8th grade. My boys have asked me all year if I ever played sports. I always respond with, "Yeah...I dabbled." But it really takes me aback that they just don't know how many hours I've spent on a basketball court, track, or softball diamond. Probably more hours than they've been alive to this day. But needless to say, I felt I should prove myself to them this week. And in trying to school 13 8th graders at one time (we play 13 on 13..not 5 on 5), I tore the bottom of my feet up so bad I couldn't walk for the past 2 ways. I hobbled. See, I played barefoot on concrete, and I couldn't let them beat me. You would've thought I would've learned my lesson when the nurse told me I needed to keep my feet elevated and medicated or I would get staph, but no...this teacher doesn't learn like she would like her students to do. Now two days since the first incident, I wrapped my feet up during 7th hour, drank some water, and got ready for those mischievous 8th period boys to walk in my room. We actually go the number down to 7 on 7 today. They told me that it looked like I had played in high school! Bless their hearts...I should have given them candy. Or maybe I did..?!

Going to Leslie's tonight for dinner, dessert, and a movie. It's always such a blessing to be with her. Although I know she and her husband will enjoy their next few years of schooling, I hate to see them leave when we have just gotten to be such good friends! But we'll take plenty of pictures of our rainbow cake. And no promises, but I sure hope they turn out better than the cupcakes that turned to ashes in my cupcake crematory. We will see. Until next time..have a very blessed day!

"But by the grace of God I am what I am." --1 Cor 15:10

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