Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoes--a girl's real best friend..and Rugby?!

What's better than shoe shopping? Making your own shoes, duh!

This past Sunday afternoon I was in Fort Smith and decided to make a few purchases. After gathering material, cheap white shoes, lace, and a few other necessities I went home to start a new project.

I soaked the shoes in hot tea, and made the shoelaces out of lace and tape. When the shoes soaked for about 30 minutes, I rinsed and dried them.

The laces were really white, and it was a good offset to the dark-stained shoes that came out of the dryer. I can't wait for y'all to see a picture! If I was at home right now, I'd put some on here...but I'm not. So. {edit--I totally got a picture for y'all!}

The shoes! Finally got them on here!

Anyway, our friends came over Saturday for the Razorback game. Amy and I made tons of dips, and Sara and Kyle brought over wings and some awesome dessert! But by the evening it had been deemed a sad, sad day in Arkansas. And especially sad for Bequette and myself since his namesake #91 didn't get to play yet again. This weekend in Arlington he better be there or be square! Because guess who is going to ARLINGTON!!

My favorite player sacking the QB. Typical.

Yep, I named a sweet little Bichon Frise after this hoss.

If you guessed me, you are correct! The downside is we don't get to go to the AR/A&M game. But I do get to see my beau and his fam, which has been a long time coming! I miss them so much!!

So last night Cash was telling me that he was going to get up at 1:00 this morning to watch the US Rugby team play in the Rugby World Championships. Then a friend of mine had posted on his facebook that he was watching the game. I commented on it...about them both having NO life if they get up that early...and he asked me if Cash played.

Cash did play (in case you didn't know), but I didn't know how to spell the name of the team he played for. I started googling it, and I found the team's website!! (Cash was just telling me last night that I was a stalker. I have no idea why. LOL)

He played for the..drumroll if you will...Dallas Harlequins. I had started looking at their website, because I've never asked my handsome much about his glory days in rugby. And y'all won't believe what I found...

"I am a mad rugby player."
Oh, yes, I did. That doesn't even look like Cash to me. But you better believe that is Mr. Pullin! He's still a handsome little devil though...just a much younger version than what I have!
Thanks, Jeanne, for letting me steal your picture.
Does that even look like the same person to y'all? The second picture was the first glimpse I ever got of Cash...I bet you would've fallen out of your seat just like I did!!

Okay, I need to get busy. If I'm not here tomorrow, it's because my boyfriend killed me over this post. haha. He of course would never kill me. He would only tell me I'm ridiculous...which could probably be true.

Have a good Tuesday evening!

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