Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Life

September 15th, when you did you show up?

I cannot believe it's mid-way through September...mid-way through the first 9 weeks of school! Let's get this year in and out, whatcha say?!

This school year has flown by in large part because my down time is so little. Last spring Cash and I got to see each other 2 (sometimes 3) times a month. I didn't see him the entire month of August and won't see him again until the last day of September. That's a LOT of time without the person you love. Thankfully, we can e-mail throughout the day and talk of the evening. He's so good about making me feel like I'm right there going through life with him. I can't imagine being in a long-distance relationship with anyone else in the world; they just wouldn't be worth it!

Tonight we had Literacy/Parent Night from 6:30-7:30. I'm exhausted, y'all. I can't begin to explain how much I've had to do since school has started. I've had more meetings than I have plan periods. That's rough on a teacher, especially since I have 2 subjects to teach. But we're making it...and the faster the school year goes, the faster next summer comes.

When I got home I got out the sewing machine and made a few things. I made Cash another holder for his razor. He likes to use these when he goes on a trip, and I finally had some manly looking material. I made Braeson a pencil bag, and I made Bequette a bandana. All of it was the same material, and I got it for $.87. Yes, that's 87 cents!! Thank you, Hobby Lobby! The thread was 8X as much as the material. haha.

This weekend Cash is getting to see his brother, Jeanne, Lena, and Toby. I'm so jealous!! I'm ready to see them again. I just adore Cash's family, and I'm so glad God brought them into my life. 2 more weeks...2 more weeks!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Ozark to spend some time with my parents! We're going to hit up the Franklin County Feud. Then Mom and I are going to eat with the Hub on Saturday. Dad has a conversion, so he's down for the count come Saturday morning.

I have fallen in love with spending nights at home with Bequette. The only things I would add are Cash and Jett. We are ready to be with them! But, as I keep telling myself, we're going to enjoy the time in Arkansas. I know one day I'll be wishing I was in Arkansas seeing my family. For right now, though, it's hard not to just want to be in Midland. Every. Single. Day. It's never enough time to spend with him.

Well, I am eating breakfast with sweet Dee Ann in the morning! We are doing our usual Cracker Barrel, and it's MUCH NEEDED!! But I better get some rest if I intend to be there at 7 in the AM. Love y'all so much!


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