Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Day Challenge...Check!

Is this the 10th time you've seen this image? I do believe so! Wooohooo for finishing ANYTHING! I have felt so rushed and stressed since school has started back, and I'm just so proud when I can accomplish anything.

One picture of myself...I honestly don't think I have any alone since pre-Cash days. And that's such a blessed thing, because I can't express enough how much I am in love with that man!!!

Easter 2010---a wonderful Easter!! I was at church with my friends Leslie and Kristen (I've blogged about their sweet selves before). Looking at the picture I remember my long hair, but what I can't remember is why I cut it all off. Because now I'm in the middle of growing it right back out. Oh, the fun of being a woman and getting to mess with hairstyles! :)

But it really takes me back to how much my life has changed. While I was so happy that day and during that time of my life, life has pulled a 180 on me. Now I'm in a relationship with the most handsome, most down-to-earth, most generous and caring man on this earth. I realize I take him for granted at times, but I can never convey to anyone how much he really means to me.

My time with my friends is winding down, and I realize that. Soon I'll be moving on and making new friends. But forever I'll cherish that time in my life when I had to just count on me. I had to make friends, and I had to be a friend. It wasn't easy, and a lot of times it wasn't fun. But it sure made me appreciate January 21, 2011, when I first laid eyes on Cash Pullin.

The Help with mi madre tonight...and then some QT with BQ! :) Love my new little Bichon, Bequette, named after the one and only Jake Bequette. WPS! Pictures to come soon, my friends. But until know I love you'ins!


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