Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sewwww What?

Y'all, I just sewed myself an apron. I've never done this by myself, only under direct supervision from my grandmother. But I brought my serger down here to the Lonestar State with the hopes that I could teach myself.

Before you see the wretched pictures, I want to point out that I learned how to completely thread a serger today. That's a HUGE step for me! However, I have decided that I don't like patterns or cutting fabric. So I really breezed through those steps. Apparently you can't do that.

Also, I ran out of some thread on one spool halfway through my project. I had some other thread but it was a completely different color...I went for it anyway. It really adds to the unfavorable look of the entire apron.

Okay. Without further she is in all her glory.

Don't pretend she's not glamorous. You know you want to sport it.

I put her in Cash's kitchen for decor. He's going to just love it. I can hear him now, "This is ridiculous. You are a moron." And that's really what he'll say considering it was supposed to be his apron.

Yep, that's really how I attached the strings. That's really how good I am at making things even.

Okay, okay. I know it's not an Etsy best-seller. But I'm pretty dog-gone happy about my first project. And when I'm famous and can outsell Ralph Lauren, don't call me asking for favors. Not happening.

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