Friday, May 27, 2011

A Quarter of a Century

Considering the fact that tomorrow I will be a quarter of a century old, I felt compelled to share some wisdom with you that I've learned along the way. Maybe I'm not old enough to be giving out my pearls of wisdom, but I have worked in a nursing home. So I think that qualifies me a little bit more than your average mid-twenty chica.

1. Learn to drive a stickshift. Learned: age 16.
2. Don't be rude to people who try to take your turkey hunting spot while you're standing there about to go in the woods. Instead, just get back in the truck...or they might try to pull a gun on you. Learned: age 12.
3. Go see your parents. It's amazing what a homecooked meal can do for a homesick girl. Learned: age 18.
4. It's easier to just eat the stupid wasper that your sister shoves in your face than to have her beat you with a hanger when you don't. Learned: age 4.
5. Invest your money, even if you think you're too young. Learned: age 13.
6. Don't spend your entire life wrapped up in one passion. Enjoy it. Don't kill yourself in it. Because when the final buzzer goes off in that final game, it won't be worth it to have missed everything else. Learned: age 18.
7. When your mom brings along the video camera, don't speak. Don't get in front of the camera. And definitely don't dance. It will..I repeat..IT WILL..come back to bite you. Learned: age 7.
8. Learn correct grammar before you go out of the state of Arkansas. And definitely take the dialect out of your speech. Learned: age 24.
9. Do something you've never done, just because it might be your only shot. Learned: age 20.
10. Don't just shake your dad's hand goodbye. Hug him. Learned: age 2.
11. Go see the world. Learned: age 25.
12. When your cousins want to blow out your birthday cake, they spit on it. And then they steal most of it. Learned: age 1.
13. You really do remember your times with friends more than your homework. Learned: age 21.
14. However, your homework gets you a career. Learned: age 22.
15. Fudgecicles can often double as dinner and dessert. Learned: age 5.
16. Sitting too close to the TV for several years can cause you to have to wear glasses. And despite your original thought, it really isn't cool to wear them. Learned: age 11.
17. Spend time with your best friend. Always. Learned: age 20.
18. Try to find a place and stay. Packing and moving is torture. Learned: age 23.
19. Blog. It not only journals your life. It may just land you a boyfriend. Learned: age 24.
20. Don't run under the bleachers. Sit in the stands. You'll learn more. Learned: age 7.
21. PBS is not the only channel on TV. In fact, most households have never put their TV on this station. Learned: age 19.
22. Blue liked to chew. Learned: age 2.
23. Having a cousin who is the coolest 6th grader when you are a 4th grader definitely makes you big stuff. At least in your own eyes. Learned: age 10.
24. Don't let your boyfriend ship your presents to your house and make you wait to open them until he gets there. It will taunt you and really test your relationship. Learned: age 24 years, 51 weeks, and 3 days.
25. Run hard. Then at the end of the race, run ever harder. Learned: age 15.

I can't believe in one hour I will have been alive for 25 years. It makes me feel old..and a little decrepid. But with age comes wisdom and gray hair and wrinkles. So what am I waiting for?!

And of course..I had to throw in my State of the Union.


1. AMS Talent Show

2. getting a random day off work during the middle of the week

3. knowing I get to spend 5 glorious days with my sweetheart


1. having our communities wiped out by tornadoes

2. losing my fence

3. my house insurance deductible going up

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