Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am so excited that my friends are starting to blog! Leslie is back and blogging more, which is great since we live so far apart now. You need to check out her blog, because she pretty dynamite. Currently she and her husband Zach live in Little Rock as they felt God calling them back to school to pursue different careers. I can't spoil all the fun (she is super smart..and she is a dynamite sewer..if that's a word), but you should check her out! And, yes, that's how beautiful she really is!

My friend Sara blogs too, and she's the one to credit for getting me connected to Kelly's Korner. If you know me, you know why I love that blog so much! Sara would love for you to see how cute her little dog Lily Kate is! That's the two of them with Kyle (her man!) and Luke (their other child).

And the last of my Arkansas friends, but certainly not least, is my latest friend to start blogging--Kristen. She is a proud new mommy to Christian! Kristen and Corey are 2 of the prettiest people you will ever lay eyes on, so you'll understand why Christian is so handsome! I bet you're thinking, "Wow, that girl has a bunch of gorgeous friends." Well, you would be right. But they are all so beautiful on the inside, and I'm blessed beyond words that God has given me such an easy time in this new town by giving me the best friends a girl could ever ask for!

I am lucky, too, that I have one awesome new friend in Midland. When I talk about her in Arkansas, I say, "My Midland best friend this...My Midland best friend that." She's an awesome friend, and we are both so lucky to have such wonderful (and handsome) boyfriends who happen to be great friends as well. We really bonded one afternoon while sunbathing (our guys were golfing and I knew NO ONE, so she saved me). I found out she was one of the best photographers I have ever known. I love looking at pictures, and it's no doubt you'll love looking at her work as well! Check out my Midland best friend, Barbara!!

I still can't believe how lucky I am to have these women in my life! I hope this gives you an insight into some pretty amazing blogs and some pretty amazing women.

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  1. Aww Avery, you're such a sweet friend! I'm so glad you talked me into blogging.. I love it!