Thursday, April 28, 2011


My students have started a unit on descriptive writing. I could not think of anything more exciting or dear to my heart than blogging! What a fun way to spend 2-3 weeks writing, huh? Usually I try to give them examples of projects I want them to do, so I've been showing them blog posts I have written. You may notice a plethora of blog posts in the next couple of weeks. We have a pretty fun line-up on our hands, so feel free to join us in writing about our topics!

Today's topic is hard to narrow down: a pet you have now or have had. Growing up on a farm, I was exposed to pets every single day of my life. Horses, cows (are those pets?), dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and now bees (my dad's version of a mid-life crisis) have been front and center of my 24 years. However, when I thought about which one pet I was going to pick, it wasn't any of the ones I've loved on the farm. For my pet spotlight, I decided to choose "my" new dog, Jett!

Okay, Jett is really Cash's dog. Before I went to Texas the first time, I had teased Cash about getting rid of Jett. I almost want to cry just thinking of that situation. No way could I ever let Cash get rid of him now!

I mean, just look at the face! This was one of my first days in Texas, and I'm not sure he was greeting me with friendly eyes since I stole his dad's attention. But we quickly bonded since I stayed home with him everyday. Typically, Jett has to go outside during the day. So a whole week in the house without Cash home made him start to love me too. Well, I thought so anyway until he REFUSED to go outside one morning before lunch. Cash was coming to pick me up, and I had to get Jett out. I tried everything--opening the door, going outside myself, hollering for him. Eventually, I just had to pick him up and carry him, because he sat on the floor of the office looking so sad.

He looks kind of terrified of me here! He was probably thinking, "What is this crazy lady going to do to me?! She's come in here 5 times and now has this little box that flashes." One day Jett even tried the whole throw-up-on-the-bathroom-floor maneuver to keep from going outside. When his dad got home, though, we let him back in to watch TV with us. Well, we watched TV. He just watched the dust on the floor. He's such a pouter!

Another thing about Jett is that he drools nonstop. I can't sit down, stand up, or walk without getting dog drool all over my clothes! Finally, I learned to carry around a paper towel and wipe his mouth every time he got near me.

Since the weather in west Texas is so warm, I got to lay out with my friend Barbara over Spring Break. We had been shopping that afternoon, and on our way back to Cash's I said, "Hey...come lay out! Cash has a pool, and we can sit in the lounge chairs!" Luckily, Barbara had a swimsuit in her 4Runner, so we just chilled in the backyard. Of course, Jett wanted to be in the middle of it all. He ran around and around the pool and even started walking down the steps into the pool. Also, he thinks the diving board is a toy, so he jumps over and ducks under it when he's trying to play. He's on a mission here!

I was so sad when I had to leave him the first time. Last weekend I flew back to Midland, and we had so many plans! I didn't get to see Jett as much. However, when I first got to Cash's house, I ran outside and grabbed my boy and squeeeeezed him! I love that dog. And, you know, I think he's starting to love me too.

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